I've worked with Dani for 12 years on multiple purchases/sales. You won't see her appearing on real estate signs or billboards, because she has enough happy clients that she doesn't have to adverstise. She is extremely persistent and always had my back, both for purchases and sales. Most recently I worked with Dani and Caroline on the sale of my condo in Santa Clara during the pandemic. They helped me line up the staging, put together a great movie, and publicized it on social media, and it sold for higher than asking in a tough condo market. A few months later I worked with Dani on the purchase of a townhouse in Santa Clara. The sale was not easy, with the owner in China and a non-responsive seller agent. But Dani and Caroline helped complete the complex transaction and we got the place for less than asking. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.
Andy Wissink
Caroline is an amazing and wonderful realtor! We had such a great experience working with Caroline on our home search and would highly recommend her. Despite it taking us over 2 years to find the perfect home, Caroline was very patient and stuck it out with us. She did a great job balancing the wish list of my husband to that of mine (which were very different). She was always super responsive and listened to what we wanted. She never made us feel that we needed to push ourselves (budgetwise) or put an offer on a home that we didn’t think we would be happy with in the end. She wanted to make sure we would be comfortable with the home we purchased and that we would be happy driving home to it everyday :) She was a great sounding board and had a wealth of knowledge about the housing market. Caroline invests a lot of time and effort to her clients because she really cares about them and wants to find them a house that is right for them. She has great work ethics and is overall a wonderful person! We are very grateful to have worked. We had such a positive experience working with Caroline that we referred her to my parents. She truly is the best!!
Emily Tseng
We had a wonderful experience with Caroline in our house purchase. The house market has been very hot and competitive since the beginning of 2021 and with every house there are multiple offers. Given the global pandemic, the process to tour a house has become more cumbersome with needing to sign the proper documents and scheduling a time to see the house. However, Caroline made things as easy as possible and was always able to get us in. We feel very fortunate to work with Caroline in this market. She has a very great personality, a lot of patience and is very knowledgeable. She took the time to discuss the houses we were interested in and come up a strategy to make an offer (or in some cases to skip). She was always so patient and did not push us to make an offer on a home that we may not be happy with in the future. We have learned a lot of the market from 2 offers we made and we were able to successfully purchase the house in the 3rd house we offered. Considering the fact that many people would spend many months to years in the house hunting, accomplishing this in about 2 months saved us a lot of stress and anxiety. Working with someone like Caroline made all the difference!! She was pivotal in helping us successfully buy a house in a timely fashion in a hot market.
Frank T
We couldn't be more happy to have worked with Dani when buying our home. Being first time home buyers, the process can be overwhelming and complicated, but Dani's professionalism and knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market helped us through some hurdles. Dani is very approachable which makes it a joy to work with her, follows up promptly, and is very reliable. We felt we were in great hands throughout the whole purchasing process. We can highly recommend Dani for all things real estate!
Sebastian F
I would give Caroline 10 stars if I could! A friend introduced us to her last year and so glad that he did! My husband and I felt very comfortable with her from the start. Knowing that this was going to be our last home, she gave her 110% to find us the perfect home. The market during covid was absolutely nuts; we got outbid 3 times and our dream home seemed out of reach but Caroline never gave up! She never pushed us to do anything we weren't comfortable with but genuinely wanted what was best for us, and after giving us the information and expert advice we needed, she always respected our decisions. Then suddenly, when we found just what we were looking for, Caroline used her negotiation finesse to get us the deal! But she didn't stop there. As soon as the seller accepted our offer, she immediately scheduled all the inspectors needed and worked with our lender and title company to make sure we could close escrow according to schedule. She worked tirelessly until the minute she handed us the key to the house! I just can't thank her enough for all she's done. If you're in the market to buy or sell a home, you'll be in great hands with Caroline!
Buying a home in the time of COVID is stressful. Buying a home as a first-time buyer is stressful. Working with Dani to buy your first home in the time of COVID was NOT stressful! Dani showed up with hand sanitizer spray, gloves, and booties for every showing we went on - masked up! She helped me through the offer process and was right there telling me her honest opinion on what a property was worth. She guided me but didn't push. I lost out on 2 homes, but she kept finding awesome listings and was open to seeing them whenever I wanted. When I found the one, she dug in hard - researching the location and going through the contract with a fine-tooth comb. She even helped me negotiate just a little extra from the seller. Overall, working with Dani and her team was a pleasure. When it's time for me to move on, I'll be calling her again!
If I could give Caroline a million stars I would. She was knowledgable, helpful, never made me feel bad about asking a ton of questions, explained things so I really understood it and pulled off a very difficult transaction to get us the house of our dreams. First I'll comment on Caroline's breath of knowledge. There was no question Caroline couldn't answer. She has been in this business a long time and knows the ins and outs. She has connections which made everything smooth start to finish. She is a wonderful communicator. I would text her when something came to mind and she would provide a thoughtful response to ease my mind. I felt like she kept me in the loop of all happenings and it made the process so much better because of all the information she shared with me. She's a fixer! To get our dream home was a complicated situation. We had to place a contingent offer pending the sale of our house (super tough in the Bay Area). Somehow she worked her magic and got it accepted. She then went into "sell" mode and got our house listed and sold in 2 weeks to make our deadline. Simply amazing. Caroline continues to be a presence in our lives. She checks in and is extremely thoughtful. I would have zero hesitation hiring her again. Hire her for your next sale, you won't regret it!!!
J. Comer
Caroline helped us get an investment property in Sunnyvale. She provided exceptional counsel throughout the whole process -- starting with understanding our requirements, shaping our considerations, helping us narrow down the location we should invest in and then the rest of the process. Caroline is very trustworthy and steered us away from a couple of choices that had some non-obvious issues. She is also very well versed with the process and was able to handle the challenges that came our ways since the seller wasn't ready to close on time. Overall, I would highly recommend Caroline. She is great to work with and very trustworthy.
p chinmoy
I've worked with Dani for buying an investment house in the San Jose area since May and she was awesome to work with. She is honest, trustworthy, considerate, and professional and always following-up with details about our questions with the houses. She knows the Bay Area really well, so when our first offer was rejected, she was not pushy and didn't ask us to increase the offer, but instead told us to try other options. In the 3 months (from when we decided to start looking) that we worked with Dani we found her to be diligent and detailed. She always protected our interests and found the best strategies for us. She has full lists of reliable handymen, contractors for remodeling, termite companies, and gardeners. She always thinks ahead and calls her contact list people to get the price estimates for us. It has been saving us a lot of time! Dani makes the process of buying and investing in a house so much easier, and we are very thankful to have her help through and make easier the many struggles of finding a fairly priced house for investments and all our other concerns. One thing for certain is, whatever your ideas are, she will help you to the best of her ability. More than that though, she became our friend and we are grateful to have found her.
Caroline was referred by a relative when I needed to find and purchase a property. Caroline is very knowledgeable, informative, and very responsive to questions and requests that I have through out the process. Weeks went by with every week started with her recommendations based on my criteria and ending with us comparing notes until we find the worthy one. So instead of being pushy, with Caroline around, I feel supported because she is patient and understanding. Eventually, after finding the worthy one, it was her negotiation and strategic skills that helped me big time in winning the property. Caroline's referral of a great lender that she worked with for many times, which help further make whole process as efficient as possible. In short, Caroline is the best agent I can ask for. I will not hesitate to contact her again if I ever need to find another property. And I will not hesitate to recommend her to friends and families if they have similar needs either.
himawan soedarsono
Dani was referred to me as being an outstanding realtor, so I had high expectations of her from the start. She did not disappoint. I have bought and sold in this valley several times over the past twenty years and can attest that she is indeed tops in the field. She was always a step ahead of all actions needed, and jumped in quickly when the process hits those inevitable snags to smooth everything over. She is also an enjoyable with whom to share the sometimes stressful real estate process. I plan to engage her again if/when I sell the place I just bought!
Caroline is the best kind of no-pressure but supportive agent whose expertise, connections, hustle and winning strategy helped us win the perfect home. We met Caroline through a selling agent at an open house we went to in the area. We wanted to partner with people who knew the local area and we appreciated the expertise and extra attention to detail we noticed from this team. Caroline is really sweet, very professional and easy to work with. She’s very responsive, helpful when we needed it, and patient when we needed time to hone in on what we wanted. Her knowledge of the area was helpful in evaluating certain aspects of properties and identifying opportunities in the unique market. Even more valuable was how crucial her experience and connections here were in giving us the edge we needed to win the home we wanted. She calmly and confidently guided us with her recommendations, personally presented our offer, and pulled all her tips and tricks to make ours stand out from the crowded pool of 14. Without her touch, we would still be looking for a house right now. We highly recommend Caroline and her team!
Dani is an experienced pro. Highly Efficient and very careful to talk through every key point with her clients. She creates a clear map of the process and keeps everyone organized. Her recommended house prep for the sale was correct; potential buyers said it was exactly what they were looking for. Dani's market knowledge enables her to segment the market of potential buyers, from which she suggests a listing strategy and process. We were on market just three days, and the flow during that time was exactly as Dani had described. Dani created a competitive process and predicted the offers we actually received. Dani is polished at advancing a winning bid to close in a timely manner. Throughout, Dani will give you confidence that everything involved is tracking to a positive outcome. She has our highest confidence. We will always use her services in future transactions.
In 2018 we started to look in earnest for another home in Los Altos. We lived in Sunnyvale in a nice home so our wishlist was significant. Caroline was there every step of the way, she knew exactly what we were looking for and guided us very professionally through the process of buying our new home in Los Altos, and selling our home in Sunnyvale. We could not have wished for anyone else. She is personable, professional and was very much in tune with us. She got us the home we wanted in Los Altos and sold our home in Sunnyvale within 10 days! If we could have given six stars we would have done that!
Excellent realtor! Dani sold our home for more than comparable homes. Due to Dani's help we received "as is offers" enabled by complete inspection and disclosure reports. We used Dani's tradesman contacts ( landscape, flooring, painting, staging) to quickly peak our home's attractiveness to buyers. Dani was also great supporting our new home purchase. Dani understood our goals and presented wonderful homes for our review. Her council was objective and in our interest. Dani extensive experience and support was very helpful with every aspect of our selling and buying experience. We recommend Dani!
eagles wings7
Caroline helped me to sell a house and purchase another in Los Altos. Selling a house is not an easy process but Caroline and her team helped us with every step of the way. We managed to sell the house in one weekend and got multiple above asking price offers. The purchase of our new house, was a breeze with the help of Caroline, who was able to negotiate a multiple-offer situation. She is a true professional who is knowledgeable about the area, diligent, responsive, reliable, and has great negotiation skills. As an added bonus, Caroline is pleasant to work with. Caroline is surrounded by a team of professionals who manages the project of selling or buying a house to the very last detail and uses superior marketing skills and knowhow. With Caroline and team you will always feel that you cover all the bases.
Shimon Keren
When we decided to sell, we chose Dani for her local knowledge and realty expertise. She excelled in both, guiding us through the selling experience and continually being there for support and questions. She provided us with industry respected and easy to work with contractors that did quality work quickly and efficiently. She had the house ready for sale in prime condition in record time. The best part of the experience was that Dani was more than just a realtor to us, she was there for us always, answering questions, helping make important decisions and making the selling experience painless. Even after the sale, Dani continues to support us with all the minor details involved with a move. I can’t say enough about the experience we had with Dani as our realtor. Highly recommended.
Working with Caroline to purchase a house has been a pleasure. Caroline quickly learned our preferences and was able to narrow the number of houses we needed to see each week. As we evaluated houses, she was able to quickly provide us with thoughts on items that may be unusual or problematic about a house. She guided us through the bidding process and then helped us handle a couple of issues that arose late in the process with the lender, allowing us to close as scheduled. She was always responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.
mary ku
Dani is a top-notch realtor. I don't think there is anyone else that will work harder for you. During our home sale Dani made herself completely available to us so much so that it was almost like having our own personal assistant. She has a long list of quality subcontractors that are at the ready for Dani Bitter properties. Also, Dani is extremely ethical. This does not, however, get in the way of her being a very savvy business person. She is truly an expert in her field and knows how to arrive at a competitive price that will ensure a quick sale with multiple offers. Put your trust in her and you will will get results. We are forever grateful to Dani for her expertise and for helping make the sale of our home virtually effortless.
Caroline helped my out-of-town parents find a new home near us in the Bay Area. She patiently listened to their likes and dislikes and showed us to many homes. We appreciated her expertise in determining values of different homes and lifestyle factors. Caroline is a warm and kind individual with excellent responsiveness to any questions you may have.
a cho
Dani was an absolute dream to work with! She was knowledgeable, left no stone unturned, detailed, professional and such a joy over all! She helped us every step of the way or took it on herself - from painting, getting new carpet installed, scheduling and meeting all the inspectors and repair people. The house was beautifully staged and ready for sale in no time at all! Dani was extremely sharp and thoughtful about the pricing strategy, the Open House schedule as well as how and when to take offers. We received 13 offers and got 14% over asking price. In a nutshell, Dani was really fantastic! I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Caroline is a fabulous real estate agent! Her expertise in marketing meant that my house was advertised to thousands of prospective buyers, giving my home maximum exposure — a huge advantage over other sellers in the neighborhood, whose houses are still on the market. Her understanding of the current market conditions in my area guided me in the difficult decision-making process of whether to sell or rent. Moreover, her suggestions for pricing the home and preparing it to sell were spot on. As a result of her outstanding skills, my home sold very quickly, despite a slump in the market. The whole process was totally painless and as smooth as silk. In addition to her real estate savvy and professionalism, Caroline is a very warm, caring, and upbeat person who buyers and sellers alike can immediately trust. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I was a reticent seller, yet during the process, Caroline was an active and empathetic listener, genuinely willing to help me with my concerns and ready to support whatever direction I decided to take. Caroline made the whole process easy and painless, and I am so very, very happy that I chose her to be my agent and listened to her advice! By far, she is the best agent I have ever worked with!
c dilts
Dani is truly the perfect residential expert when it comes to listing properties! Dani was able to move quickly in getting our Saratoga home ready for market, and called in many "favors" to make it happen; she truly put her heart and soul into it! Our home sold quickly with three offers to choose from. Dani was personally involved with every aspect of our transaction, and we couldn't be happier! We just love her! Janice C.
Caroline and the overall team did a great job handling our sale. She provided complete project management of the sale, updates to our home, staging, and ultimately closing the sale. We highly recommend her.
haljr massey
My friend used Dani as her real estate agent when she sold her home in Saratoga. When we were getting ready to list our West San Jose home 2 months ago, she told me how amazing Dani was and shared a story of Dani's attention to detail in the staging and selling of her home. I called Dani the next week and was impressed from our first interactions. We started planning about 3 weeks before we wanted to list the home to set up mtgs, and Dani was able to list the home less than 5 days after our tenants moved out. Within those 5 days, we had painters, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, roof inspector, property inspector, termite inspector, stagers, photographers, landscaping, and a repairman perform services. Dani coordinated and managed ALL of this while I was out of state. We received multiple offers and Dani negotiated and steered us right from the original listing to accepting the best offer to the final close of escrow. Dani's qualities include + extremely knowledgeable about the market and best strategies to get the most out of your house + amazing customer service, communications and project management. We were always surprised that Dani could be doing anything else besides selling our home because she gave us so much attention and did not let any balls drop. (In fact she was of course working with others simultaneously:) + great connections to local businesses to get the best stagers, and other workman to get necessary items fixed quickly at competitive prices + honesty and transparency- she discussed any concerns with us, and helped play forward multiple scenarios so we were prepared + great listener- I only met Dani in person once, for half a day in our home in San Jose and I showed her around and explained all the updates we did and she took notes and conveyed this to the potential buyers in the open house (we could tell by the letters from buyers we received with the offers) + going above and beyond what is expected- Dani helped arrange repairs for a few items that were broken as our tenant moved out. She did so much more efficiently and cost effectively than I could have done myself. She also took all my receipts and notes on upgrades and repairs and scanned and organized them into nice packets for the buyers so no information was lost. Thanks for everything Dani. We feel very lucky to have worked with you.
Finding a condo that I liked and could afford in the competitive Silicon Valley market was a difficult task but that is exactly what Caroline accomplished. I spent ten months looking on my own for a condo. That helped me narrow down my search both for locations and realtors. I knew after talking to Caroline that I would feel comfortable working with her. It’s hard to know what to offer in such a competitive market. The first offer that I made Caroline told me wasn’t likely to be accepted but I wasn’t willing to go up in price so she wrote up the offer as I requested. As Caroline foresaw, it wasn’t accepted. I searched for 6 more months before I found another place I wanted to purchase. This time I took Caroline’s advice and my offer was accepted. Throughout this time Caroline was very patient and always positive. Now I have a new home that I’m thrilled to call my own. I’m grateful for Caroline’s expertise and kindness. Even now after closing she is helping me find a contractor. She has an enthusiasm for her work that is a wonderful attribute!
Pam Pfohl
Dani was our real estate agent when we sold our Sunnyvale home and she could not have been more amazing. She gave us great advice throughout – recommendations on what renovations were worth doing and what was too much hassle, helping us find people to do work who would actually show up, the timing of the sale, how to evaluate the offers we got, figuring out the crazy fine print involved in real estate in California, and much, much, much more. Dani is an amazing project manager and she helped us get everything done when it needed to be done. Selling the home where we had raised our family ended up being very emotional for us, and Dani was able to help us make good decisions during a pretty crazy time. Everything worked out even better than we imagined in large part thanks to Dani’s expertise. She is simply superb at what she does.
Caroline was our agent in a home search process in the challenging market of south Los Altos. She helped us get the perfect house and right within our budget! Throughout our interaction with her she provided the highest level of professionalism. We felt our best interests were her top priority and were never pushed to make any decision we were not comfortable with. Her knowledge of the market was evident, especially when she were able to accurately predict the real values of houses we were interested in. We had very strict requirements for the house we were looking for, and even stricter requirements regarding the location. While we were looking, the market became more and more competetive with multiple offers per house. Caroline helped us strategize our offers in a way that made them highly attractive to buyers while not breaching our budget limits. Her final moves during the price negotiation phase of the house we ended up buying were a strategic masterpiece. Caroline showed high level of attention to details in the house hunting phase, when she was able to point out features of houses we overlooked, or find potentially alarming items in inspection reports. The same level of thoroughness was later expressed in preparing offers without never missing a detail. Overall, working with Caroline made us feel we are in good hands. While buying a house in a competitive market is a stressful experience, Caroline managed to reduce our level of anxiety and confidently guide us through the process even when things seemed hopeless. We would recommend anyone looking to buy a house to use Caroline as their agent. We are confident they will get the same high quality service we experienced.
Dani is a fantastic realtor. We would highly recommend her to everyone. We cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Dani in the buying of our home 7 years ago and the selling of that same home in October 2013. Dani is very professional, dedicated, caring, extremely detailed, smart, a wonderful listener, she keeps you informed, calls, emails, texts are answered promptly. Dani is always one step ahead, plus she knows the Silicon Valley market. Through the years we have always kept in touch with Dani, when it came time to put our house on the market we knew with 100% certainty that Dani was the realtor we would contact to get the house sold in a prompt and efficient manner. We moved out of the Bay Area and we joked with her that we would love to have her assistance when buying a new home in our new location! We can’t thank her enough for her guidance and friendship over the years. Dani is simply the BEST!
Haven’t sold a home in a long time so we were very thankful that Caroline possessed the professionalism , expertise , and kindhearted demeanor with much integrity that we wanted. She walked us through the whole process and made professional suggestions that were complimentary to our needs and always made sure we were comfortable with any decisions made. Caroline and the professional team including Maria Cruz-Rodriguez worked tirelessly on our behalf, making sure all details were covered. The real estate market is a bit tense now so we feel blessed to have had the guidance and help of Caroline.
We needed to sell our house quickly. We made the decision to sell relatively late in the summer (mid-July) and needed to get it on the market soon to avoid the fall slowdown (buyers with kids want to secure the neighborhood school by August). Dani did a terrific job lining up preparatory work - painting, gardening, stager, etc. House was ready to go on market within a couple of weeks and all the work was done at a very reasonable cost. As a result, we closed escrow only 5 weeks after making the decision to sell. Amazing!
Caroline helped us purchase a house. Buying a house in hot Bay Area market has always been challenging. Caroline listened to our set of requirements and worked with us patiently on finding the house. When we were ready to make an offer, her knowledge of the local market helped us strategize in making such offer. Her attention to details made sure we know what we were purchasing. She kindly walked us thru the items called out in the inspection report and also other items worth pointing out based on her experience working with other clients. She really looked out for our interests during the buying process. Later, Caroline also helped us sell our previous house. We had to get the house prepped and ready for open house. Caroline made the whole process fun with her positive attitude. We really appreciate her attention to details to all the affairs to get the house sold. And, her experience, knowledge and instinct when dealing with the buyers and their agents resulted in an offer that was beyond our expectations. We are truly grateful to have Caroline represent us during the selling process. Not only did we get multiple excellent offers on the house, Caroline also made the whole process fun.
Susi S
Because of Dani's hard work and excellent judgment in all areas from the listing, staging and overseeing home repairs we were able to sell my mother's home in a short amount of time getting more than the asking price. We have dealt with many realtors in buying and selling property in California over the years and by far Dani has been the best realtor that we have ever worked with. We highly recommend Dani for any real estate transactions.
Caroline was the best part of our first home buying project. This was our first home and we had several questions about the process, knowledge gaps about the market and general uncertainty. Caroline helped us with every steps of the way and made sure we were making informed decisions all along. There was this one instance where our appraisal did not go through smooth with the bank. We really appreciated how Caroline took a very data driven approach to help tackle the situation. This was truly a sign of a good well rounded agent. She went above and beyond in many ways throughout the process and we could not have asked for a better agent to work with for our first time!
This wasn't the first transaction Dani Bitter has done for us and sure it won't be the last. Her skills are second to none including area knowledge, negotiation skills and remarkable attention to ALL detail involved. She really does her homework-- after being certain she has acquired adequate knowledge she proceeds on behalf of her clients representing their very best interest. She is fair, reasonable, likable and responds quickly to queries. Nothing left undone when Dani is your agent. If I could award 10 stars to every category I would. She has sold houses where other agents have tried repeatedly, helped us purchase homes after comprehensive research on the 'right price' saving us $$$ in the process. I do believe she is one of the best, if not the best real estate agent in Silicon Valley, or anywhere for that matter.
Caroline has skillfully guided us through the lengthy, confusing, and sometimes frustrating process or buying our first home in Silicon Valley with her in-depth knowledge, practical advice and the much-needed sense of humor. She was incredibly patient, bearing with us as we changed our mind on the preferred neighborhood, size, and overall budget, always staying positive and understanding. My husband and I had set the bar high and most properties didn't meet expectations. For months Caroline listened and continuously learned our preferences and pet peeves. At some point she knew exactly which home we would or wouldn't like and why. We never felt pushed or rushed in any way – she was always great at understanding the "why" behind yet another "no" and I feel that she genuinely wanted us to find the right place to call home. One particular thing that stands out is Caroline's attention to detail. When we finally did find a place we love, she gave sound strategic advice and expertly put together a comprehensive offer package. She was continuously in touch with the seller's agent and would dig up answers to the most unusual questions. She takes every question or concern seriously and provides very detailed answers with supporting background information. She has an extensive professional network and is well-connected with other realtors and lenders. This made it incredibly easy for us as she was able to facilitate communication. Caroline is also a fantastic resource when it comes to finding a plumber / gardener / foundation specialist / you name it, which is incredibly helpful and useful, especially for first-time home owners. She is very responsive and acts quickly to find solutions or answers. Buying a home in the Silicon Valley is tough. Caroline made the experience as smooth, pleasant, and effortless as it can possibly be.
Ljuba Ray
From the moment we decided to sell our home till the close of escrow, Dani's professionalism and anticipation of our every need to get the house and yard ready for staging in just a couple of weeks was amazing! Not only did she work with us to get the best listing price possible, she was able to help navigate multiple offers within the first week of the house being on the market, and ultimately a very quick and timely close of escrow. Her attention to detail and organization was as helpful as her graciousness and diplomacy throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend her services to anyone who is thinking of selling their home! Karen & Tim F.
We worked with Caroline to look for a house in the South Bay area. From the very beginning she was an up front and effective agent who we enjoyed working with. We appreciated the fact that she gave us an overview of the process details specific to the South Bay region. It helped us get a handle on what to expect as we started looking at houses. She was always willing to meet us during the week to visit houses or to respond quickly on weekends when a house piqued our interest. When we found the home we really wanted she was amazing every step of the way. One particular area she went above and beyond was handling referrals and ironing out issues with the house itself. She always had a good suggestion for work that was needed. When we moved in and only had one set of keys she took care of rekeying the house for us.
Caroline helped us purchase a home. We loved working with her. She patiently provided answers to our many questions, guided us through a successful offer, and provided attentive aid at all stages through the process. We could not be more pleased with the services she provided. She went above and beyond for us.
Caroline is simply wonderful. We had a pleasant and successful home-buying experience with her, and she met and succeeded all aspects of our expectations. She is proficient and competent at her profession. She is powerful and resourceful at all phases of the process -- market understanding from the macro perspective to the local neighborhoods, contractual tools, negotiation strategies, to county permits and house structures, you name it, she has it and she has it all. Our experiences working with her have been fruitful and rewarding. She listened to every single concerns and questions from us, so that only after the first house touring her picks from the active listings matched our interests and preferences very well -- we were able to find the house we love very quickly. She has deep understanding in the local market and neighborhoods, and her predictions about the numbers on the properties turned out to be surprisingly accurate. And for our case, she won the acceptance of our marginal offer over multiple others. For all issues we encountered when buying, she was knowledgeable and supportive. And she is very diligent, attentive and responsive. She is ready to work any second that her take is needed. I believe all these successful experiences were hard earned by her efforts and professionalism, some of which we may not even be informed of by her. It has been encouraging and rewarding working with her to buy our house. For now, I don't know what else I can expect from an agent when buying. Caroline is naturally wonderful.
Caroline has been absolutely wonderful. We truly lucked out having her as our broker. She is extremely knowledgable, resourceful, and helpful. She listened to everything we wanted and made sure to show us houses that met our key desires. As first time buyers we were nervous and excited about our house buying journey. She was by our side throughout the entire process and made herself available day and night to answer all of our questions. Even after we purchased our house she remained in contact with us and gave us great recommendations on useful contacts. We were very pleased with the entire process and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy.
I worked with Caroline and her partner to sell our condo in Santa Clara, and I was pleased with all aspects of our experience. She had a good knowledge of the local area, and helped managing all the contractors we had to work with to get our place fixed up and on the market in a week. I was also impressed with how she helped to sell our place to prospective buyers by answering all their questions and highlighting the strong points of our property. I will recommend her to my friends.
I have been incredibly impressed working with Caroline. My wife and I have seen her skillfully operate on both sides of the table, helping us both in finding and closing on a new house for us and also managing the listing of our old one. We also have seen how she works both under a short time-frame (The time from listing to under contract for our house was less than a week) and more extended stretches (it took about seven months to find our new home) Selecting a real estate agent can be a tricky business. We had spent years going to open house after open house, interviewing agents before selecting her. You want somebody who understands what you are looking for, is pleasant to deal with, honest, and very responsive to communication. The business is built off of connections, so an agent has to be able to work smoothly with other agents, appraisers, inspectors, and contractors (and knows the good from the bad). Additionally, you need someone experienced and knowledgeable enough to guide you through the tricky landscape that is the Bay Area real estate market, with all its shifting micro-markets (both geographically and price-wise), and how broader macro-economic and global trends might be impacting the region. Finally, with all the paperwork and changing regulations, having someone incredibly detailed oriented and willing to embrace technological advancements helps reduce a lot of the headaches that can crop up in the more mundane bureaucratic affairs. Caroline has all of these qualities in spades. I felt that we always got her full attention. She went above and beyond my expectations for an agent. There's no doubt in my mind to work with her again. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Caroline is amazing to work with! She is intelligent, friendly, and works hard to gain your trust and loyalty. I worked with Caroline to buy and sell my first condo in Sunnyvale and then to purchase a townhome in Willow Glen with my fiance. Caroline is great at learning your style, preferences, concerns, etc. and then identifying properties and locations that would be a good fit. She helps to explain the market, comparables, and the pros and cons of different properties. She tries hard to work with your schedule and responds almost immediately to emails, texts, and phone calls. I have worked with Caroline for almost 5 years now and I will continue to work with her exclusively.
megan schoettmer
Caroline is responsive. Whenever we need her, she responds in a matter of seconds -- workdays, weekends, or during the holiday season. In terms of showing, Caroline, Dani, and the team are working at full speed, to make sure we can see the house at the earliest time whenever we see an opportunity. In a seller's market like the bay area, and during the pandemic getting in the way, this is understandably hard. Caroline really managed to do a great job. Caroline offers professional service to help us find the house we need. She thinks ahead of us, and makes informative suggestions on the logic that we didn't realize we are having. For possible opportunities with potentials, she explicitly bring them to our attention, even for these we didn't notice. She said NO to us, to help us get around the potential risks we didn't see. These NO's are great points that are well taken. Thanks to her thorough understanding on the bay area market -- from each single neighborhood in the south bay, every school, each street, and even the houses -- she knows the whole story. This is impressive, which is definitely not be a common service that every realtor can offer. In our buying experience, Caroline helps us win an off-market property at a perfect timing, and the house is a real click to our eyes. This is a wining opportunity that didn't catch our attention, but Caroline dug it out from the inventory. Without her, we would never find the perfect house we need. She is strong at her profession -- negotiation, local connections, and contractual tools -- too many to name here. She helped us get the house at a price that even impressed the appraiser. The experience we have with Caroline is absolutely rewarding!
Nan J.
Caroline & Dani are the most excellent professional and responsible agents I’ve ever met. I really enjoyed working with them. They absolutely did a wonderful job for their sellers. They also helped & supported my buyers and I during the whole contract period. I am really looking forward to working with Caroline & Dani again. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are the best to work with!
Liching Zhou (cooperating agent)
Dani came highly recommended by a colleague. From day one Dani went far above and beyond. My husband and I are first time home owners so we needed a LOT of handholding. Dani was just so wonderful and patient. No matter what day or time Dani was always there for us, answering any questions, walking us through home inspection reports and disclosures, and looking at homes with us. Thanks to Dani’s negotiation skills, we were able to find a really cute starter home for a fair price which is rare in the Bay Area! We feel so lucky we found Dani and had her by our side throughout this process. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DANI!
I recently completed my 5th RE transaction with Dani. Like the times before, this too ended in success, a big success! This time it was a little different though, she teamed up with an associate, Caroline. Talk about power couples, these two were awesome and amazing. They provided the total package. In today’s environment, you need the highest level of integrity, trust, expertise, knowledge, and above all, a tailored strategy. These two will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed them. They worked tirelessly researching, strategizing, and executing to hit the market from all sides. They provided the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail, to ensure a successful outcome. They listened to my questions and concerns, treating me, and responding to me, like I was the only client that mattered. I never doubted throughout the process that they had my best interests in mind. Dani provides total client support. Real estate transactions can be difficult and stressful, Dani will be there to lift your spirits when needed. She has a wealth of resources and is a problem solver in the event any last minute issues arise. Believe me, I have a story about a water heater! The bottom line is, you want results and these two can and will deliver, whether you are buying or selling, I highly recommend them. I am extremely pleased to have worked with these two and am very happy with the result of my transaction. They are the best!
Randy C
Caroline and Dani were awesome! It took as awhile to find the right home for us but they were patient and and never rushed us. They helped walk us through every step of the process. From figuring out what we were looking for and narrowing down what neighborhood to look at to going through disclosure packets to making offers and all the way through the negotiating and purchasing process. I never felt pressured and I always felt that they were looking out for my best interests and that they actually cared. Even after our home purchase, they've been available with contractor recommendations for flooring and other things. I am really happy with our choice to use Caroline and Dani. I would highly recommend them and will do so with everyone I know looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks Caroline and Dani!
Eric F
Dani represented us for our new home purchase as well as for the sale of our previous home. Regarding both transactions, we're extremely thankful and quite pleased with all of her efforts. Dani operates with integrity, patience, and professionalism, and she possesses a thorough knowledge of the local market as well as ALL facets of a real estate transaction. She leaves no stone unturned. As an advocate for us from start to finish, my husband and I were confident that we had nothing to worry about. Whenever we had a question--and real estate transactions can be confusing and/or overwhelming for many of us--Dani was accessible 24/7 and able to provide answers. We wholeheartedly recommend Dani to anyone looking for a top-notch real estate agent who will go the extra mile(s) for her clients.
Joanne M
Caroline and Dani are the “Get it Done Duo”! These ladies are the hardest working, most caring, detail oriented professionals in the industry. I trust them with the sale of my home because they treat all their clients with patience and understanding and are masterful at making the complicated process of home buying /home selling feel like a stroll in the park with a friend. With this team, you have friends in the business.
Sharonda F